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Good afternoon all. I am back up North (of England) and it feels good to be surrounded by my teenage friends. Fun how times have changed in weird ways, yet we still get along with no issues.

I am glad to be blogging again, my thoughts have needed an out and I think this is a good place to put them. I have also decided that however boring I make my blog, it can be where I can put my long drawn out thoughts too. :)

Late night existence, seems appropriate to post on tumblr. I almost never use this site anymore, it certainly has had more than its fair share of impacts on my life. I think just a blog for thoughts is its best purpose now. 

It seems to me that life is in the process of changing, maybe its finally that age thing catching up, maybe its something else but life is certainly changing. There are already so many things left behind, friends and people. Some whom I miss, others less so but already in my life the list of things that have deeply affected me is so long it is unreasonable to create. 

I don’t even know why I write this, maybe it will never get posted, do people have huge motives for doing things? Do people always have motives? There are so many questions we can have about life, and despite our best efforts it is almost impossible to answer them all.

I’m just going to stop writing now, maybe my thoughts can become clearer for the future

I find myself in bed prematurely at a party, a direct result of adjusting my sleeping pattern to my foreign girlfriend. I believe it entirely reasonable too. I believe my deviation from standard policies is growing and yet… I care not. Not only do I feel I gain more from the time syncing to Bulgaria, but often I value the company of the person I care most about far too much, a trait I often find with my partners. Strange the thoughts late of a night anyway, sleep well, those that care xxx

So somebody broke into my account, deleted everybody I follow and set links up I’d rather didn’t exist. They also commented I should change my password, I have 3 suspects, of whom I only really think one did it. You have no idea how much I hope I’m wrong but it seems most like this should be interesting at least, 2 days before my exam resit.

Now I want people’s opinion if you still care, should I start to care about and try to fix things in my past. Previously I have just moved on, this is very cruel and after lots of thought I can even cite exactly which childhood moments spawned it. I know it is a bad thing to do and these people are good people; I always took the easy option. It has led to mistakes in my past too. Mistakes I clearly cover up but forgetting about these past people, self propagating now that I type it, still we shall see now that the foundations of efforts are being laid.

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